The Sound Heard Round the Common Ground


It froze first night of winter weather,
the rain and sleet and snow;
where dark of night would change
to ice, from sleet, first rain then snow.
And when the winds all blew together
the ice began to splice;
and all around was heard the sound
of crackling and breaking of ice.
It sound as rain, but I was fain
to find no water, sleet, nor snow;
but yet, instead, the winds had fed
their fingers through the flow
and broke the choke the snow had smote
on branches bearing low.
Those sounds around the common grounds –
the breaking of ice and snow.
But I was further a fain to find
the breaking of ice and snow,
to match such sounds I’d never found
to that with which I know.
Profound this sound I heard around,
the common ground a flow,
with winds to end, then send again,
this awful effect upon snow.
[Revised 01 February 2012]
Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


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