And now,
    I am done!

I’m way past my Prime.

Whatever was,
    happened –

    All now lost thru Time.

All that which was given,
made mine –

Time hath re-taken.
Time takes its Time.

    Great Time –

Is this thy design?

For young men 
    and women –

    For both,
the same kind?

At what cost,
     the dear loss!

Such bountiful Prime.

This then thy purpose:
    usurp us,
by Crime!

Such great Cost,
    this slow loss,

then riven by Time.

Buxom young women,
    bountiful men –

All gone!
    what was won,
then leavened with time.

Nothing mistaken –
Time makes a Crime!


©2016, Marvin Welborn

9 Feb 2016. Revised 10 Feb 16.

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