In San Juan County

In San Juan County,
the horses are plenty;
the people who live there,
but few.

Wild run the horses,
feral and liberal;
as well as for people,
they are free too.

More than one hundred
thousand wild ponies
roam thru a dome
of skies bright and blue.

If truth be told,
these horses are feral;
freedom of bridal
is vital there, too.

Wild and uncanny,
forsooth are the horses.
Freedom, perforce, is
a freedom to choose.

But freedom of choice is
intentional choice, as
people have voices
and choose what to do.

Not so for horses,
who follow in courses,
natural by forces,
in freedom from hew.

In San Juan County
the horses are many;
many more horses,
where people are few.

Wild run the ponies
free from all choices,
free from the phony
freedom to choose.

The people have choices,
but not so the horses:
it’s Mother’s Invention,
to do what they choose.

In San Juan County,
many the horse is;
free from all choices,
but free to just use.

©2016, Marvin Welborn
14 February 2016. Revised 18 March 2016.

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