An advANTs of ANTs
have moved in my house;
though none of them mine,
nor that of my spouse.

Now I’m in accordANTs
with being quite fair;
but these tiny creatures,
my welcome, they wear!

With total defiANTs
and surprise, they appear;
my alimANTs, I know,
are the reason they’re here.

No compliANTs they give,
no complimANTs neither;
no assurANTs of leaving,
too soon enough either.

Like migrANTs, they’re ANTsy;
they never stand still;
and dANTs through my pANTry,
at their wANTon will.

I fear their becoming
a permanANT feature,
and I lack all patiANTs
for this relative creature.

Now, I’m in compliANTs,
my consciANTs is clear,
I cANT take much more
of ANTs around here!

I just want a chANTs
to maybe restore
independANTs of ANTs,
like I had before

the ANTs that moved in,
into my house!
none of them mine,
nor that of my spouse.

© Marvin Loyd Welborn 2011
Revised 30 March 2016

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