It’s raining again
in Central Virginia;
it’s grey, and everything’s wet.

No blue skies today,
for Central Virginia;
just water, is all we will get.

Percussions of patter
and trickles of splatter,
a hundred, if thousand,
small rivulets.

Just pounding and splatter
of water on matter,
and water just wets
all that it hits.

Amazingly more,
how rain clouds can store
in that bodice,
diaphanous frame,

and all of that weight,
of all of the water,
which seems to ignore
gravitas laws by that name.

For hours and hours
all day it will pour
out buckets of water,
by droplets of rain.

No matter the matter,
what Man may implore,
Nature, alone, plays this game

where all of the people,
of Central Virginia,
grow slowly, but surely, inane.

©Marvin Loyd Welborn 2011
Revised 30 March 2016.

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