Pandora’s Box

There is a certain lovely-ness
    in how our people feel;
by Chance to test the something-ness
    of Hope, where Hope appeals.

Nary a week nor day goes by –
    an hour, a minute or second –
where many the question of How or Why
    beckons not to reckon.

The mind will tend to curious things –
    the Whys, Wherefores, and Whats –
what existential Being means,
    empirical modes make facts.

We are the ones that make our guns,
    to wield against another;
whilst in the name of Love, for some,
    in them they will not bother.

There is a certain lovely-ness
    where Hope attains advance.
Sans this there is but nothing-ness,
    lest Hope be given Chance.

There is a certain something-ness
    to Fate for Mass appeal,
to get along, yet still go on,
    by Hope, to make it Real.

©2016, Marvin Welborn
04 April 2016

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