The Metal of Man

The Duke City’s known
the Sun, before shown
and those of his friends;

and the Old Ones,
they knew,
the Wind, as it blew
the Sun
West to East and then send

into the darkness,
the black of the night,
Stars shining brightly,
Stars into flight,

the room for the Moon
to come in and light
the land of the sand,
and blend within sight

all Silver the color
as metal for Gold –

this said the Old Ones,
the New Ones were told:

Gold is preserved
for gods, well deserved;
Silver’s reserved
just for Man.

The Duke City’s known
the Sun, Wind and Moon;
the Metals of Silver and Gold.

That Man cannot hold
on metals of Gold;
Silver’s the Metal of Man.

It belongs with to the land,
buried by sand;
the City knows this
sans be told.

Man’s search for wealth,
justifiably’s dealt
the Wind and the Sand
for his Soul.

Man comes and goes,
the Duke City knows;
it knows this
since Time first began:

Gold is the Metal
reserved by the gods;
Silver’s the Metal of Man.

©2016, Marvin Welborn
07 April 2016


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