Light in Darkness

Darkness envelopes the light of a porch
as rainclouds develop to heighten the dark.

O Light! Poor Light, like some lonely torch,
seeking awareness, but being is stark.

It burns through the night, staying its course;
a starkness in presence belies its life force.

And Night will be quiet, just wind makes the sound,
‘til raindrops make pops on hitting the ground.

And no one shall see it making its mark,
then seeing and looking are two different parts.

A stillness in darkness that darkness imparts;
but Life is resistance to all that is dark.

Consciousness dwelling alone is so stark
in silent resistance, alone like a torch.

Awareness in being, a lonely life force,
for a Light all alone, on a porch in the dark,

as Life by itself, in itself, makes a mark.

©2016, Marvin Welborn
7 May 2016

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