We’re Not The Gods

The last words you’ve said,
To someone you love –
Will they be of something substantial?

The future unfolds into what,
We’re not told –
It might just be best to be natural.

And then there’s the hope,
From the ones whom you love –
The feelings which comeback be mutual.

But we’ll never know how feelings will go –
And furthermore,
The feelings be truthful.

We’re not the gods,
Though some may think so –
Omniscience persistence be personal.

A narcissist goes
To great lengths to show,
That he alone knows the seminal.

We’re not the gods,
Gods never die –
It’s human enough to be mortal.

©2016, Marvin Welborn
21 May 2016. Revised 08 December 2016.
Poem’s Score: -1.2


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