Out! Out!
Out with the rain!
a man and a dog

The water rolls off,
and more follows down,
falling to fill up
more spaces.

Cur! Cur!
both dog and man!
They curry to each other’s favor.

One leads the way,
the other one follows,
slogging through weather,

None! None!
there’s no one else there!
but the man and the dog,
in the weather.

And where are the traces
of the fair-weathered faces?
of the friends
of the two
they once knew?

Gone! Gone!
everyone’s gone.
the traces of faces,
not there.

But each dog to a man,
and the man to a dog,
each one to the other,
a friend.

Out! Out!
outward they wend,
through the cold, the rain,
thick or thin.

A friend is a friend,
and that is a friend,
upon whom one another

Two friends,
in inclement weather,
finding favor
in each other,
a friend.

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn
Revised 11 June 2013
Poem’s Score: 4.8

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