Union Station and Paradigm Shift


Union Station and Paradigm Shift

An abstract journey through concrete Americana with a lagniappe through the “Great Discussion.” From serious humor to light-hearted gravitas, this is a trip you need to enjoy. Poetic postcards of Americana will be provided for. Our trip commences upon your arrival at Union Station, and continues until we arrive at a Paradigm Shift – not a place on a map, but an immersion into the philosophical “Long Conversation.” Poetic pensées will be on the menu. Enjoyment is wholeheartedly encouraged. Bon Voyage!

Marvin Welborn, writer and poet, lives in retirement from the global financial markets and writes full time in Charlottesville, Virginia, among the lovely foothills of the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains, betwixt the homes of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, and more often than not between the Sun and the Moon. His personal website is http://tinkwelborn.com where more on his bio and a his very long genealogy can be found, dating back to the 13th century.  His other books include Tales of the Tribe, a book of Mythopoeia, and inclusions in multiple anthologies.

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