The Metal of Man

The Duke City’s known
as shown

and his host
of new men.

The Old Ones knew too,
the Wind
as it blew
the Sun
West to East
and then send

into the darkness,
the wile of the night,
the room for a moon
and the stars in to light

and bring into darkness
the trick to enlight
the land of the sand
and blend into sight
a sliver of Silver,
that man can behold.

Delight! in the sight,
as daylight brings Gold!

said the Old Ones,
the New Ones
were told,

Are signs
the Divine
the soul:

is preserved
for the gods,

for the man.”

The Duke City’s known
the Wind, Sun and Moon;
the metal of Silver,
the mettle of man.

Man cannot hold
the metal of Gold;
Silver’s the metal,
the mettle of man.

Gold is a color,
the color of sand;
silver, the speed
needed of wind,
to bury the soul
residing in man –
an ominous warning
and omen to man.

This! said the old ones,
the new ones were told,
lies the corruption,
the meaning, ‘Fool’s Gold.’
He who denies
the signs he is shown,
he be the one
foregone of the soul.

The city knows this
sans it be told;
it knows this
since Time
first began.

When Man comes,
greed comes;
the land feeds him ruin –
The cost for the gold
is the loss of the soul.

Gold is the Metal
reserved for the gods;
the color of Sun
and the Sand.

Silver’s the color,
the symbol,
the lunar;

a study of Man.

©2016, Marvin Loyd Welborn
07 April 2016. Revised 23 September 2016.
Score 3.5

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