Many’s The Moon

By Sixty-Seven
Things would be different.
Enter the picture,
Of marginal man.

By Sixty-Eight
It was too late,
To ever go back
There again.

The difference,
A difference,

Many’s the moon,
In the end.

Ed was a cousin,
Ed was a friend;

We never saw Edward
Ever again.

One decade long
Slackens the slim
Right from the wrong;
In the world we will spin

A conscious re-thinking,
And faking, amend,
The real from the real –
A difference again.

And that’s where the Whens,
The Whys, and the What Nots;

That’s where the Wherefores

That’s where
The whole thing
Comes to a fore;

Enter the picture,
The marginal man –

The Vietnam War
Took Edward and more.

Five decades pass
We’re fast past the war;
Those there that died,
They now there reside,

By those
Who still can.

Thus of the fate
The marginal man.

Time changes all
For the good or appall –

Many’s the change
To the face of a man,

as well the places
of shape shifting sand.

Many’s the moon
As it passes and sends

Into the swoon,
The marginal man.

©2014, Marvin Loyd Welborn
24 April 2014. Revised 26 September 2016.

Poem’s Score: 3.3

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