Just The Poet

Just The Poet

I’m just the poet;
A real simple man.

Humble disquiet
Pours forth,
From hand.

None there
Dare read me;

Nor me,

I’m just a poet,
With words
In my pen.

No one
Reads poetry!

Lest, the poet
Be dead.

Sometime had said.

This one’s
A short one.

Not at all long.

By the time
You are here,
It’s done!

I’m gone.

©2014, Marvin Welborn
Revised 22 May 2014. Revised 7 August 2014. 20 September 2014. 28 September 2014.


    • So moody and broody,
      must run in the blood.
      That teenage angst
      just says, “I am mud”.
      You’ve been dying since when?
      As long as I’ve known,
      my listless old dad…
      please have some fun.
      your son,
      Senior Benito Wordo del Belfry Bat Blah Blah Blah Blah


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