Myth of Cronos


When Cronos


His Father from seat,


He sat at

    The same spot

The Pater had sat.


Ouranos, in turn,

    Reverted to speech:


“Look what you’ve done,

    My favorite son.


The breach you entreat

Shall only repeat.


Bewrought in all wrong,

It’s ever undone.


All which was cherished,

Divine or discrete,


Is perished


Down by defeat.


No longer

    Shall order

Be stronger,

    But weak,


Now that






And Cronos,

    In turn,

He too was so spurned,


Though safeguards

Were set into place,


By those whom he sired,

Their actions inspired,


Even when

    One by one

His children

    He ate.



So thus began

The troubles of Man:




And Man



The actions 

    By gods,

Which gods



The Sins of the Fathers,

The Sons, imitate.




©2014, Marvin Welborn

21 May 2014.

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