Ode to the Common Man

Here’s to the Day!
    (the only Day)

The few, 
    if at all any,
will have.

Old men
wear school caps,
from their naps,

Remember the Nothing
that might’ve been Something –

Making Hay
    is just Memory

This One’s
    for Those
who followed it close:

The Maps
    and the way
        it was Halved.

Praise Be to Them,
    the Tom, Dick, and Jims:

The World of Mundane
    stayed the Same.

The Work-A-Day World!
    was their only Foil;

Where the Real and Ideal
    Is a Game.

In looking
    for Something,
        This! might be it –

It’s as good as Nothing
    will get.

Here’s to the Joe,
    who may or not know

How the Better Half
    (or less Class)
        all live.

In breaking the Ice
    it might have been nice;

Look no further,
    if looking,
This is it.

©2014, Marvin Welborn

04 June 2014.

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